October 2023 Fun Fundraising Activity

Download PDF poster.

Each day of the week you can raise money for this cause in a simple and interesting way…
Some activities can be done on a daily basis, some would probably be better done on one specific day!!

  • Day 1: Pay 10p for every light bulb you have in your house
  • Day 2: Pay 10p for every time you look at or use your phone
  • Day 3: or each day…Pay 10p each time you get on or in a mode of
  • Day 4: or each day Pay 10p every time someone comes to your house, including Amazon, the post and the newspaper deliveries
  • Day 5: Pay 10p for every time you have a drink
  • Day 6: or each day Pay 10p each time you have a shower or a bath
  • Day 7: pay 10p every time you step out of your house

Of course 10p/20p is a nominal charge, you are free to set your own tariff.

Money can be paid online to:
Bank sort code 40- 52- 40 Account no 00014453
and should be entitled FUN WEEK.
Cash/Cheques (payable to Palliative care Sierra Leone) can be given to Kathryn Ingham or to your local rep of this charity.

Enjoy your week!