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Sheila Hurton our founder
Sheila Hurton

PCSL/UKFTSH was founded in 2006 and evolved from the links made between Gabriel Madiye the director of The Shepherd’s Hospice (TSH) and the former Chair of UKFTSH, the late, and much missed, Sheila Hurton. It was Sheila’s love of music which led her to establish ‘Voices for Hospices’ and through it the connection with Gabriel Madiye, director of The Shepherd’s Hospice, Sierra Leone (TSH).

Sheila became Gabriel’s staunch supporter in 1998 and a vital link with the wider world through the dark days of the vicious civil war in Sierra Leone (1990-2002) which saw two hospice buildings destroyed in addition to Gabriel’s family’s personal suffering.

Sheila with OVCs
Sheila with OVCs

Sheila set about raising funds for its replacement and soon attracted others to the cause. In 2004 (at an age when many would be quietly basking in retirement!) she was able to visit Sierra Leone for the first time accompanied by two nurses, Ruth and Jacqui. Following this visit these three, together with Sheila’s husband Michael, co-founded UKFTSH in 2006, to support the work both financially and in an advisory capacity when requested.

Sheila was able to visit TSH for a second time in 2007 and would certainly have gone again had her health allowed. Sadly Sheila died on July 28th 2011 but her legacy lives on.


UKFTSH has seven voluntary trustees, three of whom are nurses and bring a variety of professional expertise:

Chair Ruth Cecil
Secretary Elizabeth Rose
Treasurer Barry Hitchens
Trustee Jacqui Boulton
Trustee Michael Hurton
Trustee Kathryn Ingham
Trustee Esther Wigmore

The Trustees organise fundraising events throughout the year and donations are also made by individuals, community organisations and churches through regular gifts, one-off gifts and trust funds.

How are the funds used?

Nurse Augusta with patient
Nurse Augusta with patient
  • To fund some nurses’ and doctors’ salaries
  • To fund some medication
  • To fund fuel for home visits
  • To provide a patient support fund to assist patients with transport to hospital or clinic visits, cost of blood tests/X-rays, nutritional support and home care packs.

The trustees are also involved in :

  • Advocacy, Education and Advice
  • Grant Applications
  • Monitoring of funds
  • Networking with other organisations and individuals interested in Sierra Leone (Please feel free to contact us if this is you!)
Esther teaching in 2016
Esther teaching in 2016