Fund Raising Events

In the past, four events have been organised each year to raise money for the hospice. Some of these are annual events with other events being something new each year!

Fun Fundraising Activity for October

Raise money by donating a small amount each day for everyday things you do for one week in October:

Daily donations for everyday activities

More information here…

Afternoon Tea

On Sunday, 17th September 2023, you are warmly invited to join us for Afternoon Tea at the Surbiton Hill Methodist Church Tennis Club. There will be some Musical Entertainment to accompany the occasion. More details here. (PDF)

UPDATE: Photos from the event are now available.

Wine Tastings

Usually held in January, the vicar of Surbiton holds a wine-tasting in St. Mark’s Hall to help raise money for the UK Friends of the Shepherd’s Hospice.

The tastings will enable you to judge the quality of a variety of wines, usually selected along a theme. Previous themes have been inexpensive supermarket wines and a contest between wines from France and those from elsewhere.

Sumptuous Sunday Lunches

These take place during the month of November.  Hosts offer their homes to guests including family and friends. They are provided with tasty meals, which are either sit-down or buffet style. In return, our guests make a donation to our cause.  We welcome any innovative ideas that will add to this event. Feel free to get in touch with us to attend a meal or organise one.

Carol Singing

Carol singing
Carol singing

In December each year we go Carol Singing at Surbiton station.  Last year it was on 10th Dec 2019. Bring along any musical instruments, like bells or shakers etc, wear any Christmas garb you may have and bring along your best singing voice. Join us as we sing accompanied by our violinist, a special treat!

Quiz Night

Quiz night
Quiz Night

Our third annual event is a Quiz Night held at Claygate Village Hall. In 2023 it will be on Friday 12th May at 7.30pm. Teams of eight get together and enjoy the challenge put before them, sometimes of course even challenging those who set the questions! A buffet meal is provided. You can join a team on the night or bring along a team.

Other Events

Ritz Teas 2014
Ritz Teas 2014

The fourth event each year varies and we have enjoyed a variety; a ‘Ritz’ tea party with dancing, a cheese and wine evening, a games afternoon and a garden sale. Watch out for further details and come and join us.

Any thoughts on fund raising or any questions do get in touch.

Thank You!

In 2020/21 fundraising events raised the following amounts:-

Sumptuous Sunday Lunches£1,340
Wine Tasting£857
Corporate Donations: 
Holy Trinity, Clapham£2,872
St Andrews and St Mark’s, Surbiton£600
Restricted funds for Dr. Bunn’s work at PCU Connaught Hospital: 
General Donations£6,442
Souter Trust£2,000

In 2018/19 fundraising events raised the following amounts:-

Sumptuous Sunday Lunches£1,835
Quiz night£1,170
Carol Singing£117
Wine Tasting£1,350

In addition, the Anglican parish of Saint Andrew and Saint Mark, Surbiton, organised a wine-tasting for our benefit and made a generous donation of £1,700. Also, a number of individuals donate on a regular monthly basis. Please get in touch if this is something you would like to consider.